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Point your domain to your VPS

This article explains how to point  your domain to your VPS

Point your domain to your VPS

In this article, we will teach you how to link your domain with a VPS, you have to create A record in your domain DNS and point it to your VPS IP as mentioned below

1. Lon in to your Peramix client area .

2. Navigate to your VPS control Panel to get your VPS IP

3. Navigate to your domain control panel then press on DNS Management on the left side menu.

3. Scroll down to DNS Management section, then insert A record witth the below mentioned value:

Hostname: @

Periority: 10

Record type: A

Address: VPS IP (check above mentioned point no. 2)

Finally, As you can see point your domain to your VPS is a simple process. Domain control panel may differ from registrar to another. so, if you have any confusion, you can contact your domain registrar.

To set your PTR record, you may refer to our blog article at this link

Point your domain to your VPS
Diana October 20, 2022
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