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Upgrade VPS packages

In this article, we will explain how to upgrade VPS package to higher package in addition to how to upgrade only resources

To upgrade your VPS package, follow the below mentioned steps

1. Log in to your Peramix account.

2. Navigate to your VPS control panel.

3. Select more from the top menu then press on upgrade as shown on the below mentioned photo

4. Scroll down to section of upgrade package as shown on the below mention photo

5. Select the required VPS package you want to upgrade to, then hit continue to navigate to payment section as shown on the below mentioned photo

6. As shown on the above mentioned photo, You will pay only the difference between the old package and new package adjusted for the remaining period of your subscription.

7. Hit continue to complete your payment, upgrade shall be done within 15 minutes.

8. Sometimes, you need only to increase IPv4 quantity, so in the section of VPS resources, select the new amount of IPv4 and hit continue for payment. as mentioned on the below mentioned photo, cost of additional IPv4 shall be $2/IPv4/month + 1 time payment setup fees.

Finally, Upgrading VPS packages is very easy and can be done automatically from your client area whenever you need

Upgrade VPS packages
Diana October 20, 2022
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